I am fascinated by connections.
Parts that have nothing in common, I connect to create a unity,
not to come to a functional object.
I research different ways of connecting, by making use of the specific properties of the material rubber, namely that it is supple, soft and skin-like.
By screwing rubber parts together, sounding them, wrapping them with wire or by sewing together with cord or copper wire, the connection is established.

The connection does something with the material.
When screwing or clamping 'eat', the connecting components are deep in the material and make wells. The material is constricted when it is wrapped with thread and when sewing, rhythmic stitches with colored cord seem to draw even more attention to the connections. It is no longer about the connected parts, but about the connection. That is what they share together and thereby form a logical whole. The connections make / are the work.

Het werk in de grote la is bedoeld om te hangen. Het hangen vormt een verbinding met de ruimte en het werk krijgt zijn uiteindelijke vorm, als ik het installeer op zijn definitieve plek.

verbindingen beeld 02

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